What services are offered by Flake Designs:

Invision Community (IPS) Install and Setup, Web Design, Web Management Services, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Domain Renewals, and Graphic Design. We will also be adding further services in the future. 

How can I get support, or a quote from Flake Designs?

You can get official support by clicking the Support link in the menu above to submit a ticket to our Support, Billing and Sales Department.

You can also use the same link to get a quote for any service(s) you are looking at hiring us for.

Do you have a place for the community to help each other?

Yes, you can click on the Community link in the above menu to visit our Community Forums. You can get help from our members, customers and our Forum Moderator Team. However it is a lot quicker to get support through our official ticketing system. You will need to sign up to post or reply to a topic. Registration is free and simple.

Flake Designs takes no responsibility for information or links provided to you on our Commnity Forum by members or other customers.

We can not guarantee how long it will take to get a response on our Commnity Forums. Even though the Flake Designs Administrators do regularly visit the Community Forums, they are mainly run by our Moderator Team who are volunteers and are not online 24/7. 

Does Flake Designs provide free design or project work to community groups?

No. We do not provide free design or project work. However, depending on your situation, the work that is required, the length of time it will take to complete your project and the type of community group you are. We might be able to offer you a discount. This would be at the total discretion of the CEO and General Manager and no guarantee will be made in relation to any discounts.

To request a discount contact our Billing and Sales Department by submitting a ticket through the Support link above. Our Billing and Sales Team will then escalate your ticket onto our CEO and General Manager who will then discuss your request. You should provide as much information as possible as to why you need a discount. The more information you provide the easier it will be for them to make a decision. If you provide no information our Sales Team will not escalate your request and your ticket will be closed.